Sunday, November 18, 2007

Project Gutenburg

Took a look at top 100 EBooks. They now carry 20,000 downloadable books. I will be exploring this one more at a later date!

To summerize this whole experience I would say that I found some of it to be useful, and probably will see it becoming more and more useful as time goes on. What I got from this is basically that there is life beyond Google!!!!

I was actually surprised at how many sources that are available out there. I can see this as being an essential tool for libraries in the very near future.

I do think that for this particular organization, 23 Things took too long for many to complete. I admit that I barely skimmed the surface of some of the excersises, but still felt it to be beneficial. Perhaps a shorter more readily accessable program would work better for our library when planning future exercises.


Okay---This one I really really hate! I also searched for useful tools for locating podcasts. Can be located through YaHoo---Not interested

Exploring Web 2.0

Now this I liked! Went Did the music awards short list. Listened to Maroon 5!!! Loved it. Also played a selection from a similar group, and asked for ratings as to how it compares to Maroon 5!!---It Doesn't!!!, but this was fun!!!

Wikis and 2.0

I did take the tour, and looked at pbwikitips. I also looked at word processing and spreadsheet tools. Not really interested.

Web 2.0

Makes one realize that libraries must remain aware of how the public expects to access info.Since Web 2.0 encompasses so much it is more important than ever to keep up with what is out there.


I took the tour, and also pbwiki tips, but again while i see the benefits, i am not particularly interested in exploring further at this point.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Future of Libraries

The plain and simple fact is that libraries must be aware of how the public expects to access info. Since Web 2.0 encompasses such vast amounts of info from sources such as Flicker, Delicious, etc.,in addition to the constant updating of info out there, it is vital that libraries of the future use all viable resources available to them.